Lou Patrick The Musician

About Me

Louie Patrizi, born in Chicago Heights, Illinois.

Musician: Drummer and Singer

Born and raised in Chicago Heights, Illinois by my single mother. The journey begins when she bought me my first drum set. Self-taught drummer and vocalist, I would play along to top 40 rock and roll vinyl’s.

In an effort to make a career in music, it has taken me from Chicago to Los Angeles. In Chicago my trio opened the Playboy club and worked there for over a year. The Chicago scene offers a variety of clubs to work in addition to fairs and events throughout the Midwest.

The original scene was in Los Angeles where I was Tiny Tim’s drummer; The Comedy Store on Sunset Strip was home to many artist where I shared the stage with Robin Williams, Jimmy Walker, Jay Leno, Sam Kenison and many others. L.A. Clubs such as Club Lingerie, The Music Machine, Madame Wong’s East, and Madame Wong’s West were just a few places you tried to get your originals heard.

I have a gold record to my credits working with such great as Jerry Marcelino and the Merv Griffin band.  Los Angeles is also where I did Liverpool on Tour; a Beatles tribute band.  Which took me to the Red River X show in Winnipeg Canada.



In Las Vegas, I played drums with one of the top Elvis shows at the Rivera for four years.  Working at many of the Casino’s on the strip for over 20 years; also put me into contact with doing production shows for Kimberly Clark, Chorus Line, and Annie get your gun.  In July of 2011 I was inducted into the Las Vegas Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.  Vegas is also where I met Denny Lane helping him work on his originals.


Since coming back to Las Vegas the music scene has changed.  Gone are the days of round the clock shifts in lounges.  Back in the day you could work a day shift and a night shift where all casinos had lounges with live entertainment.  My current performances have been as a single working with tracks.  It’s afforded me the opportunity to sing Crooner songs, Oldies, Pop, Pop Rock by the Greats!  Like Frank Sinatra, Englebert, Johnnie Mathis, Gene Pitney, and Mel Carter to name a few.  With well over 100 songs singing a wide range of vocal styles.  I am often asked if I am an impressionist or impersonator.  I don’t consider myself either, just enjoy singing the tunes as the original artist did.  


My goals are to keep working doing what I love to do.  As a single, duo, or working with my 5 piece variety band The Naturals as a drummer and singer.  Having worked with many professionals here in Vegas I have the ability to perform and put out the Best for the listening audience.


Lou Patrick 1972 PlayBoy Year 

“Filet Of Soul 1972” ..

Band at Playboy Club opening March 8th 1972, an entire year after a Grand Opening and beyond! Lou Patrick rocks the stage! 

Photo shot at the Playboy Club in Chicago. Several other Playboy locations currently closed include Los Angeles, London, New York. 

Chicago Playboy club was founded February 29, 1960.

The band is known for Top 40 Rock And Roll Music with songs such as, “Moving To The Country and I Don’t Know How I’m Going To Make It.” Written and sang by guitar player Mike Peace.

Lou Patrick debuts his new Instagram platform! His first #ThrowBackThursday !!


Instagram debut January 2022 @loupatrick_